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Incumbent Susan Lontine has been the

House District 1 Representative for 6 years.

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Giving a voice back to Denver Communities

The citizens of our Denver communities are the lifeblood of how our city thrives.  It is through dedication to hard work, caring for families and neighbors, engagement in schools, support of local business and the energy for innovation among those that live here, that Colorado has become one of the most prosperous and dynamic places to live in the U.S.

I believe that it's the people of Denver and surrounding areas who know best how to drive success, how to care for those in need, and have the greatest understanding of the needs and concerns of our communities. 


It is the voices of our local citizens that have the greatest impact for good, and it is these voices that need to be recognized when it comes to legislation that impacts your lives.

We have a legislative body within our current government that chips away our basic and inalienable rights on a daily basis, and the event of the pandemic has exposed just how ready and willing they are to take over your life, and refuse to release that grip once they have it.


Our leftist controlled government is driven by the belief that they are capable of making better decisions for you than you can make for yourself; that people need to be regulated into being moral and compassionate; and that people are the problem, while government is the solution. 


They have interjected themselves into our parent-child relationships, have created a presence in our children's classrooms,  overextended their reach into our healthcare, they have their eyes set on raising our taxes, they have told us which jobs are essential, dismissed the cries of our communities to open up our state, get people back to work and children back in the classrooms, and they exclude us from involvement in passing intrusive legislation whenever they can. 


It is time for all of us, wherever we stand on the political belief scale, to come together to preserve our core, American principles, and stand up against those that have lost interest in what we have to say.

“We are experiencing a critical time in history where our very freedoms and Constitutional Rights are hanging in the balance. We have to stand together and fight to protect them. Our way of life, both now and for future generations, depends on our voices being louder today than they have ever been before!”

                                                                                          ~Samantha Koch

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