I have spent the last 12 years in the beautiful state of Colorado.  On my first drive into Denver I immediately noticed all of the trees, the open spaces, and stunning skyline.  The city of Denver and surrounding areas are full of life, open and down-to-earth people, and a robust economy, filled with opportunity and innovation.  I knew that Colorado was home.

Since then, I met my husband, we have each established our own successful businesses, we have grown our family with three beautiful children, and we continue to enjoy the incredible economic advantages and family friendly atmosphere that Colorado offers.

Colorado is the leader of Midwest values - the belief in hard work, unshakable faith, steadfast patriotism, a pioneering spirit, remarkable history, continued innovation of new ideas, and development of valuable areas within the everchanging demands of our market.  We are on the forefront of education, technology, medicine and infrastructure.  We pick ourselves up by the bootstraps, and we help those in need.  As Coloradoans, this is who we are.

As a friend and neighbor of my community, raising a family and working hard to provide for their needs, with my children involved in our public school system, and as someone who values our foundation of liberty and freedom, I want to preserve our individual and families rights.  The right to speak freely, our second amendment rights, our religious freedom, and the rights that parents have to be the primary influence in their children’s lives.

Government rule is not what produces a people that cares for each other, or creates a stable environment for us to uplift those around us.  Empowered people, protected families, and standing on the Foundation of our Constitution are what makes good people.  And good people make great neighborhoods, incredible cities, a booming state, and a prosperous country.

In order to keep strengthening our communities, and embolden our Colorado values, we need to rebuild the bridge of communication between us and the government officials we elect to advocate for us.  Our government is no longer listening to our needs and our concerns.  Our very Constitutional rights are being minimized more and more every day, with self-serving politicians, who regularly push legislation through that is designed to micromanage every aspect of our lives.

I believe in people.  I believe in their God-given talents, their abilities, their strengths, their ability to overcome challenges, and their desire to pick each other up. I believe in the vision our Founding Fathers had for our nation – one of humanity, of laws, of communication, religious liberty, capitalism, the right to bear arms, America-first policies, and to keep our homes and neighborhoods safe.

This is why I am standing up for you, for us, and for our freedom – and I want anyone who believes in life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness to succeed.

With Michelle Malkin at the rally to oppose

SB-163 - Standing up for parental rights regarding vaccines.

At a rally at the State Capital

against HB 19-1032

Comprehensive Human Sexuality Education

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