Debate between House District 1 incumbent Susan Lontine, and House District 1 candidate Samantha Koch

September 22, 2020


Personal and community safety is the foundation of a thriving society.  It is safety that attracts business to our cities, families to our neighborhoods, and children to our schools.

Recently, the left controlled legislature in Colorado passed a bill with the idea of increasing the accountability to law enforcement - which is a basis we can all agree on.  However, this particular bill has dramatically increased the personal financial risk against officers on an individual basis, and that risk has forced officers to leave their job by their own accord.  We are seeing a drastic decline in officer availability, while mobs and crime have been allowed to take over the Denver area.

What does this mean for you?

Business owners select areas to bring their shops, their products, and their jobs to, based on how active and popular the location is, and how well it's protected from crime.  If there is minimal security, their insurance rates go up, and the cost to keep their doors open are too high. As a result - stores, offices and shops will close, jobs will leave, and the crucial revenue needed for a thriving economy will be lost.

Everyday citizens rely on law enforcement to keep their neighborhoods safe, to protect their homes, their vehicles, and their personal property from being stolen, vandalized or damaged.  If the neighborhood is not secure, homes will become vacated, law-abiding citizens will leave, and the millions of dollars used to build these communities will have been wasted.

Families need regular watch from local law enforcement to keep their children safe, to watch for predators, to look after their schools, and ensure that their daily activities are not overrun with gang violence and danger.

If we lose safety, we lose businesses, we lose neighbors, we lose families, children, and schools, and it's people who are already struggling who will be hurt the most.

I stand for safe and protected communities and cities, and will work with our local law enforcement to continue to improve response resources, while maintaining the security that is crucial to our everyday lives.


My position on this issue is that, first and foremost – parents need to be respected as the primary authority on the overall well-being and academic pathways that are best for their children.  This includes the benefit of education choice, where parents have the flexibility to evaluate a range of options, to select the educational method that they feel best aligns with their values and goals, and to have the funding for those academics to follow their child to achieve the greatest success.


I also firmly believe in the parent’s right to be the leading influence in moral questions, physical and mental health, and societal issues. It is imperative to protect the rights of families to set the foundation for these principles, in order to continue to foster healthy and independent children, who can later become balanced and productive adults.


And now, as we continue to navigate through restrictions that have been imposed on us due to the Coronavirus, what has become obvious on an unprecedented level is how valuable in-person learning is for our children.  As their activities, their education, and their peers have been torn away, we've seen their light dim and their anxiety rise.


While students have been forced to sit at home and make do with online learning, they've been isolated from the world that fuels their curiosity and their school years are being thrown away.  Our musicians have lost their passion, our computer science enthusiasts have had their resources taken, our drama clubs have been emptied, our mathematicians  and scientists are longing for a challenge, and our athletes are missing out on crucial practice time and facing the very real potential of losing critical scholarship opportunities.

Their childhood and teen years are being sacrificed by the power and force of teachers unions, and politicians in office who refuse to acknowledge the irreparable damage being done to our youth by continuing to force them to adhere widespread restrictions based on a virus that has little to no effect on them.

It is time to get our children back in the classroom, with educators who are passionate about helping them succeed. 

The goals of Government legislation, in regards to educational involvement, should be to allow educators the room to implement teaching academic methods based proven success,  make room for parents to make the decisions that best suit their child's needs, for teachers to be the lead in  developing programs that are based on advancing technology and vocational demands, to assist students in effective application of modern resources, and provide an emotionally and physically safe learning environment through open parent-teacher communication, with administrators who play a strong, supporting role.


Every year, the United States of America lawfully admits one million immigrants from all over the world – far more than any other country.What maintains our ability do so is through the strict enforcement of our laws, and urging the respect of the measures we have in place to ensure a fair, responsible, safe and effective process across the board for everyone to abide by, who wish to come across our borders.


Policies which favor those who break and disrespect our laws over protecting law-abiding citizens, sets a standard of disregard for those who live here legally, and  who have demonstrated respect of our country by proceeding through the proper channels.


Legal immigration is not about race or ethnicity - it's about citizenship enforcement within our state. There are thousands of people living among us, unable to participate  in the benefits of being an American citizen, because they are being penalized for those who do not wish to be productive members of our society.  We need to work on a path toward citizenship for those from other countries that offer so much good in neighborhoods, while allowing our strong legal immigration enforcement agencies to do their job regarding those who don't.  


This issue concerns everyone who lives here, regardless of skin color or cultural background, whether they were born a citizen, or gained citizenship through the legal application process. What it is about is preserving the unique possibility that our country offers - to thrive in diversity, and flourish within the benefits of the U.S.system.  Those benefits include capitalism, a free market, education, religious liberty, and innovative healthcare, all of which are provided through the unparalleled framework of the American institution.


Any policy regarding immigration to the U.S., and who gets to be here, should put our laws and citizens first.  It is our job to ensure that the prospect of being a part of our country is not hindered by an overload on our resources, or the irresponsible act of ignoring the duty we have to the rest of our nation – to preserve freedom, cultivate acceptance, and expand our nation's unrivaled chance to succeed.


The US Healthcare system offers the highest quality of medical services, of anywhere else in the world.  We are the leading source of modern care and treatment advancements, while offering the quickest access to medical help.  However, this level of quality and access comes with a high price tag, and this is the area of our healthcare system that carries the most concern.

The answer is not to adopt a form of a socialized medicine, or force all Americans onto a single-payer system – because while the initial response might to the appeal of this approach, based on the idea that more people would have medical coverage - the loss comes in the form of lower quality care, limited access to services as well as longer wait times to obtain even critical aid, and essentially ceasing the cutting-edge innovation that our estimable medical pioneers forge every year.

Reform toward what and how we offer healthcare would be better served with more options, not fewer.  A public option to cover basic needs helps individuals and families experiencing financial or detrimental health conditions, and can provide imperative benefits, based on short or long-term needs.

When it comes to private insurance, we need to focus on creating a wider range of options, tailored to individual needs, while eliminating the cost of coverage that is not needed by the payer.

Effective reforms come from utilizing the expertise from our already high-powered medical field, and working together to make changes that support both the needs of our society and our medical professionals.


Protecting Preventive Health Care Coverage

The title of this bill is deceptive, because what it's protecting is the left's continued invasion of parental rights.


This legislation gives medical authority of "Family Planning Services" to diagnose and treat STD's, and provide abortions to minors without parental consent, or knowledge.


STD treatments and abortion would be added to the list of services to be covered by insurance, mandating that you and I pay for services provided by Planned Parenthood through our own, private plans, forcing our premiums to go up.

This is a back door bill to get around the nationwide efforts to defund Planned Parenthood, and provide a way around their limited access to Title X funds.


Goodbye to women's sports.

The Colorado Democrats, and leftists everywhere apparently, don't want to hear your "hateful" appeals to protect the athletic dreams of biological girls and women. So, now we have men's and .... men's sports.

These women are incredible athletes, who would otherwise be the best in the world within their category - which they absolutely deserve. They are who our young girls in sports look up to.

Let's keep fighting for them.

Equality and Fairness in Youth Sports Act





School Entry Immunization

Opposition to this bill is not from an anti-vax movement. Whether you're anti-vax, pro-vax, delayed-vax, partial-vax - the point is that as a parent, it's YOUR right to decide about something being injected into your child's body.

First, I understand the position of wanting to prevent a potential outbreak from un-vaccinated children, and as someone who currently vaccinates my own children, I used to be pretty set in stone on that position. However, what this comes down to is rights, choice and freedom. If and when I vaccinate my children I want to know I'm doing it because we choose to - not because it's a law. And I want that same freedom for all families.

What the Coronavirus pandemic has exposed - is that there is no line that our leftist government officials won't cross in the name of "public health" - and that now includes with your children.

- They've also recently demonstrated that they are willing to use the safety of your children as pawns in furthering their leftist objectives in reform of our country - now trying to remove police from our schools.

- They can now hold your children's right to an education hostage until you jump through all of their hoops to exercise the right to your own medical freedom.

Secondly, when Bill Gates is behind the a vaccine it's time to raise some eyebrows. He funded projects to have vaccines tested on kids in Africa, using them as guinea pigs.  And what we also need to remember is - he's also a computer innovation expert. Vaccinations are a business investment for him - so his interest is in selling vaccines - not in whether or not they're actually effective, tested properly, or safe.

To reiterate - this issue is not about being pro or anti-vax - it's the power these bills give to several entities that are not elected, placing that many more obstacles in your way, to make it that much more difficult for you to make decisions for your children that are your right to make!

This bill asks you to be in favor of a standardized form that no one has seen, to agree to whatever future adjustments they make to vaccine requirements, and to accept any changes they make as to what constitutes an acceptable or unacceptable exemption - and do you think that any changes they make will be in favor of parental rights or medical freedom? Absolutely not.

This is about so much more than just whether or not you choose to vaccinate. It's time to wake up.


HB20-1153 – Colorado Partnership for Quality Jobs and Services Act

The short version – this bill would unionize state employees, giving the power of negotiation to a Governor-appointed designee (an unelected official, that we have no say in, and no idea what their agenda is), to bargain terms on behalf of the wellbeing of the citizens of Colorado. And to make it even more alarming - this bill allows negotiations to happen behind closed doors, where even the press is not allowed to report on it.

Republicans offered many amendments to this bill, and the Democrats rejected Every. Single. One.

- Amendments that were presented involved creating transparency between the government and the public about negotiations, and prohibiting tax dollars from being used in elections.

----- In detail: This bill, as a goal of fully unionizing State employees, would put massive power in government hands to use our tax dollars as the bargaining tool for wages, hours and spending behind closed doors, making it possible for taxpayer money to be spent without our consent on what it’s going to.

Democratic unions are a way for government to pay their employees higher wages, ignore performance, and make demands – holding their productivity hostage until demands are met. They fight for higher taxes so that they have a greater pot to haggle from, which they can use to accommodate union-friendly politicians, and spread the money around in local elections as well. They are also able to secure retirement benefits that far exceed the benefits that private sector employees receive, and implement wages beyond a reasonable pay grade, putting taxpayers on the hook for the cost. Government unionization also encourages our officials to appease the requests of special interest groups over the will of the voters.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, from 1989 to 2004, the AFSCME (the country’s largest public union) gave nearly $40 Million to candidates in federal elections, 98.5% of which went to Democrats.

Colorado citizens, this is dangerous legislation for our state. While Democrats want to tell you that they are really looking out for the collective wellbeing of the people, they will ALWAYS fight for big government, and less control in your hands. And passing this legislation would virtually force us to concede to demands, whether we agree with them or not, in exchange for public service, and enable government to work against us in our own elections.

Does this align with Colorado values?



Our children are not yours to raise.

Parents have the leading role of teaching moral principles, providing for children's physical and emotional needs, creating a strong foundation of trust and care, and being the main support of guiding their children through the crucial, developmental years into healthy adulthood.

Schools are for teaching academics, developing healthy peer interaction, and setting a solid path for moving into higher education and/or careers.

Government needs to stop trying impose as the role of parent and educator, and stick to their jobs in public service - protecting our freedom, promoting economy-friendly legislation, and keeping our citizens safe.

“The numbers are in. The science is in. This newly released analysis shows that the taxpayers have wasted over a billion dollars over the past 10 years funding failed programs. Hopefully this study will help convince Congress that it’s time to pull the funding.”

Government of the People, by the People, for the people.

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